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Houston day care: Early brain development theories

Posted on 11-12-2014


Child brain development is one of the most debated topics when it comes to theories, facts and research. The first five years are the most crucial, in which full brain development occurs. At Kids ‘R’ Kids Learning Academy of Houston/Katy we offer an accredited program and exclusive brain development curriculum. We have completed extensive research on how a young brain works, and what it needs to fully develop. Our Brain Waves™ program focuses on supporting neural pathways for language, social-emotional and cognitive development.

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Theories on Brain Development

The brain constantly rewires itself, and this is what researchers call brain elasticity. Studies show that the brain changes physiologically and psychologically from early childhood to late adulthood. This is related to a child’s environment, and associated with the interactions your child will experience.

The IQ is not fixed at birth. Studies show that no two human brains are alike, and each child is different from birth. Education, stimulation and environment play a major role in brain development.

Studies also reveal that there are sensitive periods in brain development, also known as windows of opportunity. These refer to nurture and nature in brain development. Sensitive periods are shorter for skills learned through the natural environment (sight/vision), than skills learned through cultural interactions (language).

Three facts to know about the brain:

  1. At birth the brain will have 100 billion neurons, only 17% are activated.
  2. The brain produces 800 neurological connections for every second it is properly stimulated.
  3. The brain activates from the bottom to the top and from the back to the front.

For more information on our brain development program in Houston/Katy, contact us, and we will assist you with any inquires you may have concerning a child’s brain development.

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