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How to make summer camp in Houston, Texas a fun experience for your preschooler

Posted on 05-26-2014 | Vic & Ramona Stubler

preschool_houston_txThe experience of going to their first summer camp in Houston, Texas, can be intimidating for some preschoolers and it is natural that they feel nervous or even experience some separation anxiety. Parents and caregivers can help children make this transition smooth and show them how much fun camp can be.

  • Get excited: Looking forward to camp is an important part of establishing summer camp as a positive, fun experience. Talk about the various activities with your child and try some of them out at home. This will boost their confidence and prepare them for the upcoming experience.

  • Visit the site: A significant amount of stress can be due to fearing the unknown, especially if this is your child's first camp or group environment. Make plans to visit the camp with your child and meet the staff together. If you are unable to visit the site, use online resources. Many camps have websites filled with pictures of everything your child will experience.

  • Get involved: Prepare together for the event. Shop for summer clothing, read about the camp and pack camp necessities such as a change of clothes, sunscreen, and a water bottle together to help your child anticipate the camp experience in a positive, engaging way. Children who are anxious are often helped by this process, which makes them feel more in control.

  • Talk about what to expect: While summer camps are supportive, nurturing environments, they will still be different from home life. Talk with your child about what a typical day at camp will be like, talk about the food and activities and how it will feel to be surrounded by so many new faces. Keep it upbeat, emphasizing what an adventure it will be and your child will be more open to the changes.

  • Some nervousness is normal: Almost all children feel a bit nervous at first. This is a completely natural experience in response to a different environment. If you are worried that your child is not enjoying camp, speak to the camp director or on-site owner. The director can give your child more support and help them make the adjustment successfully.

When you enroll your child in the summer program at Kids 'R' Kids Learning Academy of Houston/Katy in Houston, Texas, you are bringing them into an environment where everyone is family and your child is our priority. Our expertise and emphasis on individual attention ensures that every child is fully supported, both emotionally and developmentally, to thrive in the exciting adventures of summer camp.

This year our theme is "Camp Nature Kids" and has plenty of outdoor group activities for children ages three to twelve years. These include indoor dramatic play "nights out under the stars", nature walks, learning about wildlife and being physically active.

You can help your child develop enthusiasm for nature by visiting George Bush Park and enjoying a variety of activities such as exploring, biking, hiking and star-gazing.

For more information about our summer camp or to enroll your child, please contact us today!

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