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Is preschool in Houston the right time to introduce a second or third language to your child?

Posted on 08-26-2014


Knowing more than one language is almost essential in today’s world, but often people struggle to learn a new language as an adult. At Kids ‘R’ Kids Learning Academy of Houston/Katy, we know that preschool is the best time to learn not only our native language, but also another language. Learning a second language builds stronger neural connections for your child’s brain development.

Language acquisition at an early age

Your child’s first language is learned at home with the family, and he or she will absorb everything spoken around him or her. Your child can learn to understand new words in two different languages easily. Formal language classes are not necessary. You can teach your child a few words at at time, put on television or radio in another language, or get some age appropriate bilingual books, toys, or CDs. You can also use music to help your child learn.

How you can start

Start early: You can start teaching your child as early as age two or three, though he or she must have some basic vocabulary in his or her native language in order to begin learning another language.

Make it easy: Teach your child a language that he or she can hear in the neighborhood or at school.

Make it fun: Use music and games to help your child engage in the learning process.

Go slow: Teach him or her a few words at a time. Do not overwhelm your child. For a toddler, use a time guideline of about 20 minutes, or 30 minutes for a preschooler.

Manage expectations: Each child learns at their own pace, so be patient.

Give your child the best preschool education at Kids ‘R’ Kids Learning Academy of Houston/Katy, Texas. Our preschool fast track curriculum will help maximize your child’s brain development in a program that is fun and engaging. Contact us for more information.

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